The most complicated sundial in the world by Yves Opizzo.

Magnesite, Dalmatian jasper, breccia, jasper, chalcedony, amazonite, sodalite, hematite, tiger’s eye, orange calcite, landscape jasper and onyx: all these semi-precious stones are attached to a 15 by 10 meter rock to mark a total of 2,700 points of light incidence. They form a giant butterfly that appears to be hiding. This is how an extraordinary sundial was created on the site below the Tagoror, not only as a tribute to the Guanches, but also as a living symbol of spirituality. A 2-metre high stainless steel hand and shadow rod from Erich Hauser’s workshop projects the light onto the rock and indicates the hour. The accuracy of the sundial in the “central eight” around the shadow stick is 30 seconds.