Profit is as necessary as the air we breathe, but it would be sad if we only did business to make profit, as it would be sad if we only lived to breathe.“
Hermann Josef Abs


MARIPOSA welcomes all guests who would like to retire for a while, in order to develop new ideas and shape the future together in a unique place. It sees itself as a laboratory for the future and a think tank where new and groundbreaking ideas can be reflected upon.

Whether it be for founders*, creative artists, students* or experts* in various socially relevant fields,  or for decision-makers* in leading positions in politics, culture, science and business, or for company or institute departments, coaches or agencies, MARIPOSA consciously addresses small groups that would like to exchange information on specific strategic issues. Such exchanges take place within the framework of MARIPOSIEN® or workshops.

MARIPOSA cooperates with various foundations, NGOs, universities and ministries on the main topics of “Social Entrepreneurship”, “Ethical Leadership”, “Social Design” and, above all, on the topic of “Europe” across politics and culture.



The founders Helga and Hans-Jürgen Müller developed their own format for the MARIPOSA village, which has never been as “hot” as it is today: the so-called Mariposien®. This is a new type of think tank that brings together those responsible from the areas of business, science, culture and politics with artists* and lateral thinkers*. They meet in small groups for a limited period of time in this aesthetic space in order to discuss, research, work and form networks on central social issues. The results of these encounters can then  be implemented at the respective institutional locations.


In addition, MARIPOSA guests can implement their own workshop formats and think tanks. MARIPOSA builds on the stimulation of people’s creative potential and offers itself as a “catalyst” within a space created through and through by art and artists. Artistic ideas do not follow rational considerations. Rather the “Ratio” follows intuitive impulses. Albert Einstein once said: “I have the solution, I just don’t know yet how to get there”. It is not algorithms that will bring us closer to solving the questions of the future, but human inspiration and creativity combined with the expert knowledge that is available to us everywhere. This rethinking and the unusual decisions associated with it require courage above all else.

MARIPOSA – as a space founded by two gallery owners – can act as an intermediary should the organizers*want to work together with an artist*. Such an encounter can – especially in the economic sector – enliven and enrich joint work and inspire new perspectives.


What is special about MARIPOSA for all guests is the “cultural impact” of the place on the participants – on the one hand through the examination of the cultural park as a continuous, unusual aesthetic experience, on the other hand through the participation of artists* and lateral thinkers* in the MARIPOSIEN® and the workshops that take place there.

9 different, individually and artistically designed accommodations are available on MARIPOSA for a total of up to 20 people. Meetings can be held in 2 meeting rooms for 12 and 14 people as well as at numerous outdoor locations: in an open-air auditorium for up to 30 people, in the "Bergmeier Pavilion", in front of the "Casa Dobermann" under an ancient pepper tree, in the Belvedere, in the „summer kitchen“ or in various other places.
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