Insight that has not gone through the senses cannot produce any other truth than a harmful one.“

Leonardo da Vinci


Together with more than 80 artists*, craftspeople* and landscape designers* from all over the world, MARIPOSA has been organically designed by its initiators Hans-Jürgen and Helga Müller. This fruitful collaboration took place for over 20 years.

The result is a unique refuge that opens the eyes of its visitors* in the truest sense of the word. The diversity and variety of artistic ideas sharpens the senses, allows contemplation and ultimately allows visitors to perceive their own creativity and bring it to light.

MARIPOSA’s goal from the very beginning was not simply to create another “residence” but rather to create an aesthetic “invention”, a permanent place that brings together people with the most diverse expertise. People who – like all artists* involved in the creative process – have a special interest in helping to shape our world and who are responsible for creatively promoting future social processes.

The interplay of geographical and geological conditions, including the “recapture processes” of nature, not only thematises the creative power of mankind – which is able to make a place fertile and particularly attractive – but also the difficult and challenging relationship between man and nature, the preservation of the ecological balance and the importance of sustainable, responsible action.

MARIPOSA invites, by way of example, the development of unconventional ideas with visionary power in all areas of society: Here, the art itself as well as the working and thinking methods of the artists* are exemplary for a new world view and farsightedness. This world view – which is without restrictions and goal constraints – has an infectious effect on visitors*, freeing up their own creativity.

More than 80 individual artists* have designed at least one location or work on MARIPOSA, so that visitors* can move through, and in, art at every turn, discovering new things again and again. In the morning, MARIPOSA offers guided tours for individual visitors and small groups. The guided tour includes a joint coffee break in the summer kitchen.
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