To look at, is of course, the highest thing in art and life.

Friedrich Hebbel


The “ATLANTIS”, designed by Léon Krier in 1987/88, was exhibited in numerous venues on his first travels in Europe and later around the whole world. His stops were among others: The Deutsches Architekturmuseum Frankfurt, catalogue; Die Galerie der Stadt Stuttgart, catalogue; Die Fondation pour l’Architecture, Brussels, catalogue; Die Architekturgalerie Zürich; Die Universität von Bologna et al.

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At the invitation of Jan Hoet, Helga and Hans-Jürgen Müller present the project “Atlantis” for 100 days in their own pavilion at documenta IX, 1992 in Kassel – the project was presented for discussion in front of the Fridericianum, Kassel.

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